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Dentistry is simple – educate people so they can look after themselves, provide them with the best care you can, refer when you can’t and continue to learn as much as possible about teeth.


We set up a brand spanking new dental practice here in Lichfield Staffordshire, to look after our clients in the way we knew best. Through pure serendipity we found each other and forged a great team, Simon is our clients’ best friend and makes sure they are catered for in every way, Tina is a nursing “nut” and disinfects everything that moves (including us sometimes), and Beth keeps our systems working in-between nursing. And Stuart… well he just loves dentistry!


Since the early days we have recruited fantastic dental hygienists who provide our clients with a very high level of gum care.


Over time we are becoming more and more convinced that our way of doing dentistry is the right way… our clients see us less, need less dentistry and are becoming friends of the practice.

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Dental Treatments in Lichfield


Dental Treatments in Lichfield

  • Family Dentistry

    All members of the family are welcome at Spires Dental Clinic in Lichfield.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    From simple Tooth Whitening to more dramatic changes, let our team look after you.

  • Teeth Straightening

    Using the best technologies available to align your teeth into a more pleasing smile.

  • Contact Us

    Get in touch with us today to discuss your dental care.

  • Dental Implants

    When teeth need replacing you can be confident of our expertise in placing dental implants.

  • Teeth Whitening

    Lovely bright and white teeth using our Teeth Whitening home tray systems.

Our Philosphy

Our philosophy is simple – to help our patients see us as little as possible.


This philosophy guides everything we do at Spires Dental in Lichfield Staffordshire, whether it’s the way we educate our patients on how to care for their mouth, or by using the latest dental techniques, such as invisible braces to improve their smile. Our philosophy stems from two facts:


  • Dentistry always fails over sufficient time
  • Healthy teeth last a lifetime.


This means we have to help our clients prevent as many problems as possible, whilst making sure that our work is of the highest quality so that it stands the test of time. In our opinion the only way to achieve our goal is to keep third parties, such as the NHS Dentistry, out of the relationship we have with our clients.


If you would like to experience a different type of dentistry in Staffordshire, please come and see us now for your consultation. We are confident you won’t regret it. See you soon!

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From our Patients

A Word

From our Patients

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To book and appointment give us a call on  01543 411088.


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