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Personalised Dental Care in Lichfield

We are a little bit different at Spires Dental. Our difference stems from our philosophy about dentistry; we like to call it Altruistic Dentistry. Dentistry can be very reactive; the dentist waits for a problem and then acts. This cannot be the right way for two reasons:


  • Dental problems are entirely preventable.
  • All dentistry fails so we need to be careful as to when and how we do it.


Our aim is to assess each of our clients as an individual, and then put a plan in place that so they can attain (or maintain) a trouble free, low maintenance mouth. If a problem is detected we look at why it has occurred, resolve the problem and put in measures to eliminate the risk factors so that there is less chance of recurrence.


The result?

Our clients need less and less dentistry over time, spend less money on their teeth and gain more confidence in their smile. We’ve been doing this for years now and we know this is the only way to care for our clients.

Dental Membership Plans

We offer a membership scheme that encourages maintenance of your dental health so you have the peace of mind that essential regular preventive care is budgeted for. We have different plans that are bespoke to you depending on your ongoing treatment requirements.

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The Dental Team


The Dental Team

Stuart Goddard

Dentist – GDC No. 74610

Stuart qualified from the University of Bristol in 1998 and immediately began his career in general practice. For the past 14 years he has his own practice in Lichfield, Staffordshire…


Beth Fitzpatrick

Treatment Coordinator – GDC No. 198546

Beth joined our practice as a Dental Nurse but her role has developed to Treatment Coordinator and Business Manager. She is crucial in helping to look after our clients…


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