Your First Visit at Spires Dental

Pre Visit Chat

Well, the first visit is the important one – the time we start to get to know you and establish what it is you are aiming for and how we can help you.

If you decide that you’d like to come and see us you can choose from one of two types of consultations:

  • The standard consultation – for your everyday patient.
  • An extensive consultation – for those with complicated needs or those seeking cosmetic enhancements to their smile.


The difference is merely one of time. We carry out the same investigations on both consultations (it’s not as if we can miss things out) looking for any problems you may have and how we can resolve them, but the extensive consultation allows us more time if you’re dental problems are more complex.

The Chat

This will take around 10-20 minutes and all the info will be fed to your dentist in advance of your in-person visit.

One of our nurses will give you a call at the arranged time to go through how our practice works, check your details as well as your medical records and start to learn about you and your dental needs.

The Consultation

We think that your consultation is one of the most important visits you will ever have with us. This is why we book around 60 minutes to try and cover all your dental health needs and to establish a plan that will guide us going forward.

It all begins with a chat, about what you spoke about with our nurse and what you are looking for.

This is followed by a full dental examination including:

  • A soft tissue examination looking for things that should not be there
  • A tooth examination
  • A gum health check


We often take routine X-rays on your first visit (but any historic X-rays you obtain will be very helpful) as well as a 3D scan of your teeth.

Once we have examined your mouth and obtained our special tests we sit you up and take you on a tour of your mouth, a voyage of co-discovery, where we can explain how you are where you are, and you can guide us in how you’d like us to care for you.

Most of the time we end the appointment having agreed on the best way forward but sometimes you will want to reflect on your visit and go away to think about things.

Please remember, you are always free to email your dentist directly with any questions you may have, or request a follow-up phone call if things are a little too difficult to get into words.

Only when you are ready will we book further appointments.

The Extensive Consultation

Well… It’s all of the above plus a bit more time for discussing any complex issues you may present with.

We heartily recommend this option if you:

  • Have had a lot of dental issues in the past.
  • Are seeking cosmetic enhancements to your smile.
  • Would like to have brace treatment.


Your extensive consultation is followed up with a full written report.