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An Alternative to Metal Braces

Are you considering braces? But worried about the appearance traditional braces have?

Well there is an alternative, Invisalign, a clear brace that is popular amongst patients who feel concerned about the appearance of traditional metal braces. Often, these individuals play public facing roles, in jobs where they spend most of their time in front of people.

Invisalign braces allow for you to remove them, so whenever you’re hungry you are not restricted as to what you can eat – before reinserting the braces, you must thoroughly brush your teeth. The braces are designed to be worn for no fewer than 22 hours a day – so you’ll be wearing them whilst you sleep. And at first, most patients have a lisp, which soon disappears – after a couple days in most cases.

The smooth material of Invisalign braces offers a much more comfortable fit, reducing rubbing and associated pain that would come with discomfort. During the course of your treatment, we’ll be changing your braces every two weeks – as your teeth slowly move into their desired position, so that as each fortnight passes, the braces have tiny adjustments to ensure continued progress. Treatment time, is often much shorter than traditional methods.

Have a look at our Invisalign clear brace treatment page for more information: Invisalign Clear Braces in Lichfield Staffordshire

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