April’s Building Progress


Well April is upon us and Lichfield is getting a new addition to the skyline… well, that may be exaggerating a little.

We’ve excavated, placed the footings and started on the structure so hopefully things will all be due to be completed by the start of July 2016.

Sadly things haven’t all gone smoothly, making a hole in the neighbours’ wall was a low point, but thankfully we now seem to be on track.


What Are We Doing?

Well the main aims are:

  1. To add a ground floor surgery to our practice
  2. To fit a decontamination suite so we can carry out central sterilising (of dental instruments J), the GOLD standard of cross infection, something you would expect to see in hospitals.
  3. To fit a central x-ray room
  4. To open out reception and create a better flow for our clients- if there is one part of the practice i dislike it is the reception……URGGHHHHHH L
  5. To renovate how the practice looks and feels. There is no doubt in my mind that we offer a very high standard of dentistry but sadly the appearance of the front of the building and

dental practice renovation in lichfield
the general look of the interior just looks a little dark and tired.  No longer!!…..our interior designer Kate has come up with a really relaxing, non-dentisty look that is just FAB!!


Why Are We Expanding?

dental practice in lichfield renovation
Our philosophy (to help people need dentists as little as possible) is strong and chimes well with our clients.  Almost all of our clients notice they need less and less dentistry as time goes on.  Thankfully this is working well and thus we now need a bit more help and a bit more room to see more and more patients.


What’s In It For Our Clients?

Well there are a number of things……

  1. A new ground floor surgery will grant better access to clients who can’t quite manage the stairs as well as they used to.
  2. A new dentist means we can now offer our Spires Essentials range to all our membership clients.  Our essentials range offers patients treatments at more affordable costs.
  3. When i go on holiday we will have in house cover for our clients…..no more referrals to one of my colleagues.
  4. A renovated practice will provide a fresh and relaxed atmosphere for all our clients.


The Downside?

dental practice renovation in lichfield
Well there are two downsides:

Firstly, in June, we are going to have to shut down parts of the practice whilst we renovate meaning we will be operating a reduced service out of the new downstairs surgery.

Secondly… the damn thing is costing around £200K (GULP!!). God bless the banks and low interest rates eh?

Wish us luck 🙂




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