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Are You Mouth Aware?

The number of mouth cancer patients has grown in the past ten years with more than 6,700 people diagnosed in 2015.

Mouth cancer can affect the lips, tongue, cheeks and throat. At Spires Dental we think it is important people know what to look out for.


Remember To Never Ignore:

  • Ulcers that do not heal within three weeks
  • Red and white patches in the mouth
  • Unusual lumps or swellings in the mouth

If you are in any doubt just ask me and I will be more than happy to advise. Knowing what to look out for can help reduce the risk and reduce the number of lives mouth cancer affects. On 24th November 9am until noon we are offering FREE mouth cancer checks. So why not pop into the clinic and get checked out.


What are The Risk Factors?

Mouth cancer can affect anybody and 91% of diagnosis are linked to lifestyle. Therefore, by adjusting our lifestyle choices we can significantly reduce the chances of developing this type of cancer.

The following risk factors are associated with mouth cancer:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking to excess
  • HPV virus
  • Poor diet
  • Chewing or smokeless tobacco


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