Teeth Straightening


Teeth Straightening

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Children’s Teeth Straightening in Lichfield

In 2006 the NHS limited the treatment of crooked teeth to the most severe cases.  This means that some children with crooked teeth are no longer entitled to ‘free’ brace treatment and as such they need to pay privately for their treatment.


At Spires we endeavour to look after your child’s teeth using the latest brace techniques.  Mainly we aim to use fixed braces but in some cases we can use Invisalign .  Our aim is the same though; to set your child up with a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.


If you are interested in brace treatment for your child then contact us either to ask us any questions you may have or to make an appointment for a consultation to go over your options.

What are the benefits?

The clear downside to private treatment is the cost, but there are advantages, such as:

  • We can start straight away; there are no waiting lists when you have private treatment.
  • Your child’s treatment is conducted by a dentist; we do not offload patients to a therapist.
  • We are not limited to the type of brace we use. The fee’s listed are for metal braces (kids seem to prefer these) but you can upgrade to clear braces or invisalign easily.
  • We offer Saturday and late evening appointments so your child will not have to miss time at school.
  • We can see you straight away if there are any brace emergencies. Thankfully the techniques we use meant these are infrequent.

How much does it cost?

Our costs are:

  • Simple treatment- no extractions needed with treatment up to 12 months- £2697
  • Advanced treatment- extractions needed with treatment over 18 months – £3321
  • Complex treatment- extractions needed with treatment over 24 months – £3824

We offer 0% finance over 18 months or a low APR finance over 60 months.

This includes:

  • Treatment planning, x-rays and written reports detailing your child’s treatment.
  • Treatment with fixed metal braces.
  • Cosmetic contouring to smooth any uneven edges.
  • Removal of teeth to make room to align the crooked teeth. We use an atraumatic technique to make sure your child doesn’t feel anything when we remove the teeth and has as few problems afterwards as possible.

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