Composite Bonding in Lichfield

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding (white fillings) has come a long way allowing our dentists to repair, enhance and recontour teeth to a more pleasing shape.

Our composite materials have a chameleon effect, allowing them to seamlessly blend in with your natural tooth structure so no one will notice where the composite is.

Composite Bonding can:

  • Restore fractured teeth
    Close small gaps between teeth
  • Increase the length of worn-down teeth


It is a great adjunct to brace treatment and tooth whitening.

What to Expect

1-4 hour appointment depending on how many teeth are involved.
Composite bonding usually takes one visit, but in more complex cases a follow-up polishing and contouring visit is often required.

Before your visit, we will often prepare a digital replica of your new smile using our smile design software, which guides us in how we layer up your restoration. Composite materials come in different opacities as well as colours allowing us to blend the material to your natural teeth.

Due to the minimal nature of composite bonding, we do not always need to use anaesthesia, given we are often just roughening your teeth. We always use a Dental Dam (Rubber Dam) to isolate your teeth allowing us to bond to your teeth predictably. This reduces the amount of stain you get around composite that is not glued to the teeth effectively, and it increases the longevity of the restoration.

Once the composite has been placed we go through a series of polishing steps to give the restoration a lifelike lustre.

But composite is not perfect…

Composite can last a very long time.

However, it will not survive any forces that would chip teeth, such as blows from hard substances or more often nocturnal tooth grinding.

If you are involved in contact sports we would strongly advise wearing a mouthguard, or if you grind your teeth at night you must wear some type of guard to protect your teeth as well as the composite restorations.

Patient Stories

grace composite bonding beforegrace composite bonding after

Composite Bonding

We informed Grace from the start that she would need to restore the worn front teeth once the brace treatment was complete….sometimes straightening is not enough. Some Composite Bonding put the finishing touches on a great brace result.

mike levelle composite bonding beforemike levelle composite bonding after

Composite Bondng

Tooth wear is a really common smile, and for years Mike had been grinding his front teeth down to the point that he couldn’t see them when he smiled. Careful planning, 3D Smile Design and some beautiful composite restorations restored his natural smile.

millie composite bonding beforemillie composite bonding after

Composite Bonding

A small gap, and long looking front teeth, were an issue for Millie. Thankfully some simple contouring and composite bonding restored the natural proportions to her smile.