Comprehensive Care in Lichfield

Annual Checkups and Routine Cleaning

Teeth are free, dentistry is expensive. Say no more…

Routine checkups and cleaning lead to fewer dental problems through early intervention and education to make sure your home care is as flawless as possible.

Preventative dentistry is the cornerstone of our philosophy at Spires Dental in Lichfield, and we commit to providing you with regular cleans and exams to ensure you are on the right path.

What to Expect

Your dental examination will include a look for any suspicious lumps and bumps, an inspection of your teeth and gums, as well as any routine X-rays and 3D scanning that we deem beneficial.

Your cleaning will allow Jo or Kristina to remove the accumulation of plaque and calculus from around your teeth and under your gums, reducing the chance of gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath and potential tooth loss. They will then tell you all you need to know about your home care so that future cleanings will be even easier and effortless.

This process can take between 60-80 minutes.

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