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Okay, so you’re unhappy with your smile, maybe you have some discoloured teeth, maybe they are a little wonky, maybe they are looking a bit chipped and worn, but ultimately how do we decide what exactly needs to be improved. The answer is to start with the end in mind. The answer is Smile Design.

Through a combination of 3D modelling of your teeth, digital photography and a special bit of software, we can design a smile for you.  We can show you different tooth shapes, how much tooth you will display as well as the colour.  Most importantly you can talk to us about your smile, and guide the design before we go anywhere near your mouth.

I can only speak form personal experience but smile design is affecting everything we do, from brace treatment, to smile makeovers, even to denture work.  Everyone deserves to be happy with their smile, and if they do want to seek improvement, they don’t just get what the dentist can, or wants to give them.

Stage 1

The first stage is a 2D mock up.

This is the opening gambit, and all we need is a photo. We ask our patient; what do you like? what don’t you like? Would you want to change anything? Or do you even prefer your original smile.

In this case our wonderful patient decided that she liked the colour and the general level of the teeth, but she felt the front two teeth were too long compared to the rest of her teeth.

Smile makeover 2d simulation at Lichfield Dentist Spires Dental

Stage 2

Once we have more of an idea about what it is you want to achieve we can start designing things in 3D. Now this is where the fun starts, and where we learn what we would need to do to achieve the results you are looking for. We might find that the teeth aren’t in the ideal position.

We might find that some teeth do need modifying, and some don’t.

But in the end we can print a model of your new smile and try it out in your mouth so you get to see what affect it will have on your smile, your speech, and your bite.

Again, we haven’t done anything to your teeth, we are just showing you, so at this point it is all reversible.

Almost all of the time we send you home with the mock up in place so you can show your friends and family. It is really important that you get the opinion of other people before you commit to any dentistry.

Stage 3

Once you are happy, once it has been seen by your family, we move on to creating THE PLAN.

Now THE PLAN is the nuts and bolts of it all:

  • What are the options open to you to achieve the result.
  • What are the pro’s and con’s of doing it.
  • What are the costs.
  • How long will it take.
  • How long will it last.


Now THE PLAN is not set in stone, there are often modifications that we make to take into account a number of factors, but ultimately, we end up with a plan that will meet your needs, where you will know what is required and the costs involved.

Stage 4

Now we know what we are doing. What we are trying to achieve. Now we act.

In Ally’s case it was easy. She had straightened her teeth already. Her teeth had been whitened to her satisfaction, and now she wanted to teeth to be more even, to be more harmonious.

In this case we added composite to her front four teeth to achieve a really nice result. Well, Ally thinks so…

And so do we 😊

ally before smile makeover lichfield ally after smile makeover lichfield

If you would like to learn more about smile design, or you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.  We love talking about teeth 😊

You can fill out the contact form or click on our WhatsApp link at anytime.

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