Dental Crowns in Lichfield

Dental Crowns

We don’t do many crowns these days as they are a 20th-century solution, but on occasion, a crown is still a good option to restore a heavily broken down tooth.

As with all treatments, modern crowns have changed, allowing us to place crowns that require less tooth removal than in the past, but be under no illusion, that some good tooth structure must be removed to place a crown.

Crowns look great, fit very well and protect the tooth underneath. Sadly, there is a good chance that when a crown fails, the tooth fails with it.

What to Expect

Crowns are normally fabricated over 2 visits.

On visit one we will adjust the tooth to receive a crown, carry out 3D scanning to facilitate its fabrication at our lab, and then the fitting of a provisional crown that will look good and allow you to eat and smile with confidence.

On the second visit, we will fit the new crown, and ensure it looks great, feels good and blends in with your bite.

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