Composite White Fillings in Lichfield


Composite White Fillings in Lichfield

dental fillings in lichfield

White Dental Fillings in Staffordshire

Don’t patch teeth up with Amalgam fillings, strengthen them before it’s too late…

No more metal fillings… We restore the strength and beauty of teeth.


Tooth decay weakens teeth. Metal fillings just fill the holes in teeth – they do nothing else. One of the main problems we face in dentistry is teeth breaking after they have been filled.


Tooth coloured restorations (Composites) have two main attributes, they look natural and they are glued to the tooth itself. This means that when we place a tooth coloured restoration we are bonding the tooth together again, making the tooth last longer than any metal filling could.


Teeth are invariably weakened when tooth decay is removed by drilling. Sadly this cannot be avoided although we can ensure that we only remove the minimum amount of tooth necessary and we strengthen teeth by using all the techniques at our disposal.


Amalgams, those silver/black metal fillings that are still commonly placed, do not strengthen teeth at all. The purpose of the amalgam is to produce a smooth surface that can be cleaned more easily than a hole at a cheap cost. The downside is that portions of the teeth will fracture away leaving a larger hole in the tooth, and thus a bigger problem. If this carries on you can eventually end up losing the tooth.


We recommend:


  • Composite Restorations- a tooth coloured material that bonds the tooth structure together restoring the tooth to its original appearance with greater inherent strength.
  • Onlays- these fillings are made at a laboratory and are designed to cover the weak areas of the tooth providing a very strong result without drilling away any healthy tooth structure. They can be made from gold or ceramic materials.


Patient Case Studies


Case Studies

composite filling lichfield

See for yourself how white fillings using the latest dental composite materials can be used to restore decayed or damaged teeth. Restorations using these composite materials are virtually undetectable leaving you with a clean smile.

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