Dental Membership Plans in Lichfield

Membership Plans

Don’t skip essential dental checkups! Our membership plan helps you budget for regular preventive care, keeping your smile healthy and happy.

Ditch the dental appointment guessing game! We offer a membership scheme that takes the worry out of maintaining your oral health. By joining, you’ll have peace of mind knowing essential preventive care, like cleanings and checkups, is budgeted for with a low monthly fee. This means consistent, proactive care to catch any potential problems early, saving you money and discomfort down the line.

Plus, with regular appointments, you’ll be on your way to a healthier smile and fresher breath, boosting your confidence all year round.

What to Expect

What is Included:

  • Dental health review with our dentists
  • Hygienist appointment which includes: Prevention of bad breath, cleaning and polishing, preventive knowledge and techniques to reduce tooth decay and gum disease, stain removal and maintenance of a clean fresh smile
  • Radiographs, all X-rays (except cone beam CT) are included.
  • 10% reduction in fees for ANY additional treatment (membership loyalty bonus), excluding any laboratory-based costs such as Implants, Braces, Veneers etc.


We recommend that every patient join the membership plan as soon as possible. Unlike other dental plans, the state of your mouth is not assessed for past disease or any outstanding treatment beforehand.


Like much of what we do our membership plan is bespoke to you. We do not try and pigeonhole you into one regime.

Following your initial consultation with one of our dentists we will establish how much support you will require to keep moving your mouth towards health. We will then work out the cost of this support, apply your 10% savings and arrange for it to be paid monthly.

On your annual visit, we will be able to see how much healthier your mouth is getting and reduce the support you need as well as the monthly membership fees you pay.

Our typical membership fee is £17.90 /month.

How to Join

Simply ask for a form at reception and take a few minutes to fill it in. You will need to sign it and complete your bank account details on the Direct Debit mandate.

Membership Fees Guide

The benefits of dental membership plans for patients:

  • Regular attendance is a preventative measure to reduce the risk of serious oral issues
  • Manageable monthly payments make appointments more affordable
  • Guaranteed appointments
  • 24/7 A&E cover for patients with our Global Dental Accident & Emergency Scheme
Example Memberships Monthly Payment
Routine Patient Plan
Gum Disease Plan
Implant Maintenance Plan