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invisalign finance in lichfield

0% Finance
on Orthodontic

available over 6 - 24 months*

*T&C's apply

Teeth Straightening

Fixed Braces in Lichfield

Teeth Straightening

Fixed Braces in Lichfield

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Free brace assessment over Zoom with Stuart. Call us on 01543 411088 to find out more.

Fixed Braces in Staffordshire

Fixed braces are the gold standard of treatment; all other systems are compared to what a fixed brace can achieve.  We use clear Radiance braces alongside Sentalloy wires – for us the best of the best in fixed brace technology.


There are obvious downsides to fixed braces but in our opinion they provide a level of control that no other system quite manages (although Invisalign is getting better and better).  This control allows us to move teeth predictably and tweak the position of teeth as we progress through treatment.  This is particularly useful in complex cases or in situations where we are carrying out joint brace/smile enhancement work.


We love to talk about teeth so if you have any queries please feel free to fill out our contact form, the messages arrive in our dentists inbox and they will email you back as soon as they are free from looking after our patients. You can also contact us to arrange a call back to book a consultation at the dental practice in Lichfield Staffordshire.

What are the benefits?

The main benefits of fixed braces are:

  • It’s considered the gold standard of orthodontic treatment
  • The braces are fixed in and as such they will always work. After all you cannot remove them
  • We have complete control over the movement of your teeth during treatment.

Are there any downsides?

The downsides to fixed braces are:

  • The brace is discreet but not invisible.
  • The first two weeks are not great fun as the brace can rub against the insides of your cheeks and lips.
  • It’s difficult to clean around so you’ll need to be extra diligent with your cleaning.

Do fixed braces hurt?

Mainly it’s the first two weeks that is tough with your fixed brace; it’ll rub, your teeth will be sore and people will endlessly ask you ‘why are you having a brace?’


In our experience all you will care about once you start brace treatment is how the end result will look. You won’t care about the brace itself, just how effective it is in getting the job done.

How much does it cost?

The cost of fixed brace treatment starts at £2500 for simple cases up to £4800 for more complex cases.  This includes:

  • The treatment to move your teeth
  • All associated planning, models, written reports and X-rays.
  • Teeth whitening– the perfect companion to straightening your teeth. We love including whitening as the end result looks even better and it saves you £450.  Win, win!
  • Minor cosmetic contouring to smooth away any chips and uneven edges.

Extra costs include;

  • The removal of teeth to make space – £117 per tooth
  • Bonding – sometimes the teeth are so badly chipped they require composite restorations to be bonded to the teeth to restore the correct proportions.  This is discussed at your initial consultation. From £95 per tooth.


Case Studies


Case Studies

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Read Adam’s story about his experience with fixed braces at Spires Dental.

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