Fixed Braces in Lichfield

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are the gold standard treatment for aligning teeth.

This is not to say that they are always the best option for people, but they do deliver a consistently high-quality result every time. This is due to two facts:

  • The pressure for tooth movement is generally on the dentist rather than the patient.
  • Fixed braces can achieve all tooth movements whereas Invisalign struggles to move teeth in certain directions.


Stuart has been trained by one of the finest orthodontists around and in 2022 won his first prize for his brace treatment, awarded by the British Orthodontic Society.

What to Expect

The First Two Weeks

The fixed brace journey, especially to begin with is tough. The first two weeks involve soreness of your cheeks and lips, aching of your teeth and everyone in your life asking you why you have got braces on.  Once you are over that though things tend to skip along.

Visits Every 4-8 Weeks

Visits every 4-8 weeks allow us to tweak your fixed brace to ensure your teeth align as smoothly as possible.

The Treatment Process

Typically treatment will take around 14 months for simple cases and up to 24 months in more complex situations, with the patient only responsible for keeping things healthy and wearing elastics at certain points in the treatment.  You can eat normally and drink whenever you feel the need.


We ask for payment to be paid for throughout the brace treatment.  No finance is required. As long as the balance is settled by the time we take the braces off we are happy.

Patient Stories

faye braces beforefaye braces after


Often with adult patients you need to remove the filled teeth, rather than the ideal teeth for brace treatment. Faye needed space in her lower jaw so we took out two heavily filled molar teeth and straightened and whitened her teeth.

harry braces beforeharry braces after


Harry did not like his crooked upper teeth, so we removed two upper premolar teeth and used fixed braces to align his teeth. A little composite bonding and tooth whitening and the result looks great.

luke braces beforeluke braces after


Our Award-Winning Case!! Not an easy one but this shows how amazing, fixed braces are.