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With Freedom Day fast approaching I can imagine that there are a lot of mixed feelings out there for all manner of people.  We have spoken to those that feel this is all a bit of an overreaction to the other extreme that people think we are coming out of lockdown too quickly…

Thankfully, here in the world of dentistry we are still carrying on as we always have- to us a healthcare setting is a lot different to going to the shops and as such we will still be taking (almost) all the measures we have done previously.

Yes, I know some of you will feel that we are being over cautious, but we have a responsibility to all those people that are under our care, and unlike the supermarkets/trains/pubs the people you visit us don’t always have a choice, some of whom have underlying health conditions that could make them very vulnerable.

To that end I urge all of you to bear with us during this time, nod and smile when we ask you in one form or another for the hundredth time ‘Have you lost your sense of taste’ , humour us when we ask you to pop your mask on, and pray that the update that we were promised in July 2021 (now postponed to September 2021) will give my profession a little more clarity.

You can read more about all the measures we take here –

Fingers crossed all and enjoy the summer!!  After all… WINTER IS COMING 😉

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