Gum Disease Treatment in Lichfield

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is a really common problem, hidden by old wives’ tales and poor advice.

It can cause several issues such as:

  • Bleeding gums – “Oh, that’s me brushing too hard or the floss cutting me…”
  • Gum recession- “Ah, but that’s just getting older, isn’t it?”
  • Smelly breathe – “Surely that’s the food I eat or ‘Morning Breath’”
  • Loose teeth – “Old age, again!”
  • Increased heart disease – “Surely not!”


Well, I’m happy to tell you that all of the above is down to gum disease, plus or minus a genetic susceptibility.  So, if you would like to get rid of it and enjoy a clean, healthy, fresh-smelling, low-maintenance mouth, please let us help you.

What to Expect

The essence of treatment is in the education, and sometimes that is all we do on your first visit.  You will be given homework to do and, if you are diligent, your gums will start to heal.

Along the way, our amazing hygienists will guide you on how you can improve, clean away staining and any hard build-up that might be getting in the way of your cleaning, as well as score the health of your gums and let you know how far you have progressed.

Within weeks you will start to see an improvement and over a few months your gums will heal.  Once we’ve established health, we’ll set up a bespoke maintenance program for you so you can keep the gains you will have made.

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