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Implant Retained Dentures – Roger’s Story

Roger had been experiencing problems with his dentures and was looking into using implant retained dentures. After much research online he contacted Spires Dental in Lichfield to arrange an appointment with our dentist Stuart to discuss his options. After hearing all the information he was able to make an informed choice and decided to proceed with implant retained dentures. Read about his story and how the treatment benefited him.

Why did you choose spires dental clinic for your dental treatment?

I spent many hours trawling the internet, reading customer reviews and found Spires to have the best reviews.

Your current dentures were only 3 years old, why were you looking to change them?

My current dentures did not fit tightly especially the bottom set and I found I had to use Fixadent or Polifix to hold them in place and found I could only eat soft foods, and most days I was having to re-glue my dentures twice a day.

How did you find the whole process?

From my first visit I felt comfortable, at ease and reassured that Stuart knew exactly what he was talking about.

I went to spires for two reasons:

  1. Was to ask about a root that my previous dentist told me was fused to the bone and could not come out and was causing some discomfort.
  2. I wanted to know if I would be suitable for implants.

Stuart first of all said he did not believe the root was fused to the bone and I had it removed by a member of Stuart’s team.

Stuart spent time with me explaining the various options regarding implants and what he felt I would be comfortable with and which I would benefit from. Stuart could very easily have steered me towards the most expensive procedure but did not as he felt I would be more than happy with just the 2 implants on the bottom jaw and have a new top plate made as well.

I was given this information and costs and went away to think about what was the best option for me. From start to finish I felt fully informed.

Click on the images below to see how implant retained dentures work.

lichfield implant retained dentures

lichfield dental implant clinic

What are your thoughts about your treatment now its all done and dusted?

What can I say,  I’ve thrown the Fixadent away and was able to eat a steak in a restaurant for the first time in years. These dentures actually feel as though they are part of my mouth.

What would you say to anyone who was thinking about choosing spires dental clinic for similar treatment?

Go for it, knowing that the treatment and service you receive will be first class.

Dentist’s Summary

There are many people out there with lower dentures that bounce around the mouth like they are on a trampoline.  This can be easily avoided by using either teeth, if they are present, or implants to fix the denture into place.  This greatly increases confidence and function for the patient- Roger was able to go out for a steak the same night he had the final dentures delivered and eat some pork scratchings!  This is not necessarily what we would recommend but good on Roger for giving it a go.

Once placed, it is important the denture is removed and the implants are cared for by the patient, cleaning with an electric toothbrush twice a day.  This is not difficult but it is crucial if you want your implants to last.  Roger is already cleaning them very well, as can be seen from the final photo we took two weeks after fitting the dentures.

Let’s be frank, the one downside is the short term cost.   Given the dentures will last 7-10 years before needing updating/adjusting and the success rates of implants are excellent, we expect this to be an investment over the long term.  The difference it makes to people is quite simply profound… I love this treatment!

It’s been an absolute pleasure looking after Roger and I cannot thank him enough for writing this testimonial for us and allowing us to share it with you. We will see him now once a year for maintenance, ensuring his denture is rock solid and that his soft tissues and the implants are healthy.

dental implant retained dentures in lichfield

For more information on implant retained dentures, please call the dental practice reception in Lichfield on 01543 411 088.

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