Inlays and Onlays in Lichfield

Inlays and Onlays

Onlays are restorations, not fillings, protect teeth that have been drilled and filled multiple times, restoring their strength and appearance.

Once upon a time, when a tooth had broken down to a point beyond a filling, the tooth would be filed down to receive a crown. That’s right… The tooth that has already lost a lot of structure had tooth drilled away to fit a crown.  This never felt right to us…

Nowadays we can bond ceramic to your weakened tooth, removing the absolute minimal amount of tooth structure to protect the tooth with ceramic.  The final bonded restoration restores the appearance of the tooth and protects what is left of the tooth without jeopardising the health and structural strength of the tooth itself.

What to Expect

First Appointment

During your first appointment (80-minute appointment) we will obtain a colour match, allowing us to blend the restoration in with your teeth, the tooth will be cleaned, shaped and sealed to receive a ceramic restoration.  In a few minutes, we scan your tooth and send the data to our lab where they will start making your restoration.

The dentist will then fit a temporary onlay that will stay in place whilst our lab does it’s thing.

Second Appointment

Having been made to our specifications, the onlay will be tried in and checked for fit, appearance and how it interacts with your bite.  Once we are happy, we will bond the Onlay to your tooth. Simple eh? (50-minutes)

Our team are always happy to answer any queries you have about onlays, inlays or any dental concerns.

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Patient Stories

john onlay beforejohn onlay after


A Ceramic Onlay is the 21st century version of a crown- less drilling and more reinforcement of the tooth allowed us to restore the strength and appearance of John’s premolar.

marilyn onlay beforemarilyn onlay after


A Ceramic Onlay allowed us to restore the appearance and strength of Marilyn’s lower tooth. Her comment, ‘Can we do the other one?’

les bywater onlays beforeles bywater onlays after


Les presented with a broken molar that needed to be fixed. Once we removed the large metal filling we found another fracture within the tooth. In these cases a ceramic onlay not only restores the appearance but also provides a rigid restoration to prevent further flexure of the tooth.