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A Clear Dental Plan

I am a strong believer in having a plan for each one of our patients.  Now it may be simple, ‘Prevent any health problems’, but in some cases, we are aiming for something more complex and need to have an overall plan to guide us.

In some cases, we really want to get onto the fancy work but either costs, time or dental health get in the way and we need to stage treatment.  This means that sometimes treatment can progress over years, but if we have an end result in mind we can make choices that bring us closer to our goal.  For example, some patients want their fillings to be white.  Well we would suggest that we can replace the fillings as they go, or we can replace them all together.  The choice is the patients.

And that brings me to James. James is a great patient in all senses of the word. Not only does he believe in what we are doing for him, but he has seen the sense in having a plan and working towards it.  Now we have been seeing James for a few years now (he’s that patient) following an extended period where he had not looked after his teeth, but nor had he been supported in his care.  This left James with several dental health issues, but also some marked cosmetic ones too.

Now James’s plan was always to get his mouth healthy, but then to give him a smile he can be proud of and it was only the other day that the pretty part came together and we finally got to reward James with something that would help him smile more.

It was simple really, some fairly easy white fillings placed to get rid of the stained white fillings he had, disguise the dormant, but stained decay on some of his teeth, and reshape his teeth to close a black triangle between his two front teeth.  Personally, I think the result was very good, but James was a little stunned…that, or he was just tired after 3-4 hours in the dental chair.

Thankfully, James was happy for us to share his photos with you all and hopefully we can show you how things will look when we start the next stage, straightening his teeth.

I don’t know about James, but I can’t wait to get going.

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