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Well, it’s fair to say that pre COVID I never would have thought to chat to a patient remotely via a laptop…. but WOW, I cannot tell you how helpful and effective it is. People seem so much more relaxed and open, allowing us to really nail down what the issues are and give some great advice. I am a true believer that any information we give over a remote chat is taken onboard far more than if you came to the practice.

Here are the two ways we currently use Zoom to keep people informed:

Cosmetic assessments

Most people are unaware of what modern dentistry can do for their smile, but with most of us staring into laptops, we are now seeing our smiles more than we ever did before and are considering having something done. But what?

Well, with a good video we can give people an overview of what options are open to them, how long the treatment would take and what it would cost. Having done this for nearly 12 months I would say that our advice is pretty darn accurate, plus the advice is given without you having to journey over to come and see us, wait around in our (lovely) lounge, sit in a dental chair OR wear a mask 😊.

Treatment overviews

Once you have been to see us, we have taken all the information we need in the form of x-rays, photos, and digital scans, we start to plan your treatment to ensure that everything goes well. But before we begin, we need to inform you of all the consequences of having such treatment – costs, the upsides and the downsides all need to be explained so that you are totally aware of what is involved in the decision you are making.

To facilitate this, we use the photos and digital models to help us explain all this but again, trying to do it over a coffee table is difficult. Doing this remotely has been a revelation.

So, if you are thinking about having some fancy dentistry done, and just want some idea of what is available, I would strongly recommend a remote consultation.

Take care all.


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