Lockdown 2.0

Well, its January and thankfully the government has not shut dentistry down this time around.

Obviously, we cannot have things running the same way that they used to.  We are still taking every COVID precaution we can think of (see this blog post) and the team has started to get their COVID vaccinations ( I got my first jab on the 9th January) but we also have to be realistic on what we do.

With this in mind, we want you to think about:

Should you be shielding?

If you are in the high risk category (NHS Information on who’s at higher risk), then you really shouldn’t be coming to see us unless you have a dental emergency. Get in touch if you are at all worried and we can triage the problem remotely to see if we need to see you or not.

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Communication is key

This obviously goes both ways, and we will endeavour to keep you all informed of the changes that are occurring at the practice, but we really need you to embrace the new technology that is open to us and give us as much info before your visit as possible.  In this way we can schedule an appointment that allows us to see you and resolve as many issues in one go as possible.  For example:

  • Sending us photos of any problem teeth or gums can be useful
  • Let us know if you are having a problem, please do not leave it till your check up appointment. Combining treatments into one appointment saves the number of times you need to see us.
  • Our phone lines are often busy triaging patients so sending a WhatsApp is an effective way of getting in touch. Our WhatsApp link can be accessed on our website or just click here

We love the cosmetic stuff but…

Although we normally offer a wide range of treatments, and we truly love the cosmetic side of things, we cannot condone such elective treatment in these times. Any treatment we have already started we will continue but we feel it is ethically and morally questionable to start new cosmetic treatments until this lockdown is over.

We are still happy to carry out our ZOOM consultations to go over your cosmetic concerns and see you to assess the health of your mouth with a view to what we will do in when COVID calms down, but we just can’t start the actual treatment just yet.  Sorry ☹

Are you happy to come and see us?

If you do not feel comfortable coming to see the dentist at this time please do not worry- we totally understand but we would like you to:

  • Let us know you will be delaying attendance until you feel happier to come and see us.
  • Let us pause your membership payments- if you aren’t coming, we would rather not take any money from you 😉
  • Let us know if you are having any issues- it’s still better to sort out problems early rather than let things deteriorate too much.


Stay in touch

You can contact us via:


And keep up to date via our social media outlets, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram:

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Happy new year!!


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