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Nicky’s Fixed Braces Journey – Lichfield Dentist Case Study

Nicky’s Story

Nicky’s problem was clear- her crooked teeth weren’t allowing her to easily clean in between her teeth and the appearance of her smile was being affected by the uneven levels of her smile.

The aim of treatment was to improve the appearance of Nicky’s smile and to align her teeth so that she could clean efficiently between her teeth to make sure her gums remained healthy.  The only way we could achieve these goals was to use a fixed brace to reposition the teeth and then modern bonding techniques to restore the worn edges of the teeth.

Now usually, at some point of fixed brace treatment, the smile ends up looking worse for a short period of time.  In Nicky’s case the teeth pretty much looked bad for all the treatment; this was due to the worn teeth and our need to make sure the teeth were in the correct position for the final result to be obtained.  Thankfully for us Nicky was an absolute Star throughout treatment and never lost faith in our ability to deliver on our promises.

teeth straightening in lichfield case study lichfield teeth straightening results

Nicky’s case not only shows us what we can achieve with Fixed braces, but also how important it is to ensure that the teeth are lined up to allow us to restore the shape of the tooth.

Nicky was so pleased with the result that she wrote the following on Facebook:

smile makeover in lichfield facebook review
smile makeover in lichfield review
smile makeover dentist in lichfield

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