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Teeth Straightening in Lichfield


Teeth Straightening in Lichfield

teeth straightening in lichfield staffordshire
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Orthodontics in Staffordshire

Orthodontics (straightening teeth) is the best way of correcting the position of crooked teeth. Moving your teeth, rather than drilling away tooth structure, produces a smile which with the appropriate care will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many people have the impression that braces have to look like a row of train tracks but with the modern techniques available to us this is no longer true.


Overall there are two ways we choose to align people’s teeth:


Fixed braces

Clear (Radiance) or metal brackets are bonded to your teeth which act as handles allowing Sentalloy wires to exert gentle pressures on the teeth leading to predictable tooth movement.



This is a technique which relies on a series of clear aligners to produce tooth movement. Each aligner exerts a pressure on the teeth which over time moves the teeth into the desired position. Invisalign’s main benefit is that it is almost invisible to the casual observer.


At your consultation we will talk about your aims for treatment, assess your mouth and then discuss the options that are available to you. Our aim is always to give you the best advice so you can make an informed decision about your treatment. We are one of the leading providers of Invisalign in Staffordshire.


Once you know all of the options that are open to you, along with the pro’s and con’s of each system, you will be far more likely to make the right choice that suits your needs. Sometimes this process will lead you to conclusion that you do not feel treatment is right for you but how will you know unless you get the right advice?

  • Invisalign

    Invisalign allows us to align peoples teeth without the majority of people you meet day to day knowing you are having brace treatment.

  • Fixed Braces

    We use clear Radiance braces alongside Sentalloy wires- for us the best of the best in fixed brace technology.

childrens braces in staffordshire

Children’s Teeth Straightening in Staffordshire

In 2006 the NHS limited the treatment of crooked teeth to the most severe cases.  This means that some children with crooked teeth are no longer entitled to ‘free’ brace treatment and as such they need to pay privately for their treatment.


At Spires we endeavour to look after your child’s teeth using the latest brace techniques.  Mainly we aim to use fixed braces but in some cases we can use Invisalign .  Our aim is the same though; to set your child up for life with a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

Traditional Orthodontics

When correcting misaligned teeth or bite issues, your doctor may recommend orthodontic treatment, commonly known as braces.


This treatment creates a more attractive smile can alleviate some issues resulting from a misaligned bite.


Please watch the video to learn more about orthodontic treatments.

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