Our Philosophy at Spires Dental

The Spires Philosophy

To help our patients need us as little as possible.

Spires Dental is unlike any practice you have been to before… But I bet you’re thinking, ‘Yeah, yeah, every dentist is the same’.  We get it, we really do. But, we saw the light a long time ago and see dentistry for what it is… A solution that is nowhere near as good as your own teeth.

Without a philosophy, we are just doing dentistry.

Our philosophy is guided by two core certainties:

All dental diseases are preventable and all dentistry will fail in some way given enough time.

So our aims are simple…

• Educate you to prevent as many issues as possible.

• To only employ dental techniques that restore the aesthetics and strength of teeth – This is called Biomimetic dentistry.

• To carry out as little dentistry as possible.

That’s it. Our philosophy.

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