Root Canal Treatment in Lichfield


Root Canal Treatment in Lichfield

root canal treatment in lichfield

Root Canal Treatment in Staffordshire

We work hard to save teeth because we know your own tooth will last longer than an artificial one. It’s not always possible but when it is they may require root canal treatment or a root filling.


Another name for this is endodontics and it forms a fairly usual and daily part to our dental care. We retain as much tooth structure as possible and then clean out the damage nerve and centre of the tooth. This is disinfected and then sealed permanently to prevent reinfection.


Root canal treatment used to be a bit unpredictable but now we are fortunate to have the most up to date rotary equipment that allows excellent cleansing and a more straightforward root filling.


Once a tooth has been root filled we may have to place a crown depending on how much tooth structure is still present.

Root Canal

Root canal is needed when the nerve of a tooth becomes damaged by injury or infected by decay.


This procedure saves the tooth and can help restore it to natural function.


Please watch the video to learn more about root canal and how the procedure is carried out.

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