Root Canal Treatment in Lichfield

Root Canal Treatment

Given the high success rates of modern root canal treatment, we often feel the best option is to save the tooth in question.

When infection enters a tooth, often via decay or a fracture, the resulting pain can be very intense.  When our patients are in so much pain they cannot think clearly, that is why our first order of business will always be to get you out of pain so that you can make a clear decision on whether you want to save the tooth or have it removed.

If you are worried about a tooth please give our team a call and they will help diagnose the problem and if it is likely that you will need a root canal treatment.

What to Expect

Some root canals can be completed in a single visit. Although more complex teeth or teeth that have been infected for some time will take two or more visits.

After full anaesthesia is achieved a dental dam is applied over the tooth to ensure that you are protected during treatment, and to keep the area free from the bacteria that naturally inhabit your mouth. Once the tooth has been cleaned and shaped, the roots will be filled with a rubber material, or if a second visit is required, a medication will be placed instead.

After your treatment: Once the root canal is completed the area will need to heal, so there is often some healing pain afterwards, but this quickly resides.  The main problem with root canals is that the process invariably weakens the remaining tooth structure- this often means that the tooth will require a crown or onlay to ensure the tooth does not split/fracture.

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