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Ryan’s Clear Brace Teeth Straightening Story

Ryan’s Story

In late 2016 we first met Ryan…

He had been unhappy with the appearance of his smile for some time, but it was at his Mum’s wedding that things came to a head as he didn’t want to smile for the photographs.

We did the professional bit and checked out the health of Ryan’s mouth and then assessed him from a brace point of view. Ryan simply did not have enough space in his mouth for all his teeth so the so the treatment choice was straight forward: Remove four premolar teeth and wear fixed braces for 2 years.

When Ryan didn’t come back for the planning appointments, we thought we wouldn’t see him again…

Teeth Straightening Treatment Begins

In mid-2017 Ryan returned. I’m not sure I ever asked him why there was a delay as we were so pleased to see him again. Treatments like this are such fun (for us) to treat and so we couldn’t wait to get started. Ryan took advantage (in a nice way 😊) of our 0% finance option and we got going with treatment.

Clear Braces Fitted

Over the next two years we fitted clear braces, removed four of his premolars (nicely… he’s bigger than me 😊) carried out adjustments every six weeks and radically changed Ryan’s smile. His treatment was not easy but through careful planning we made efficient progress with few hiccups.

Ryan’s Straight Teeth

Hopefully you’ll agree that Ryan’s smile now looks great and that the cost of treatment (this type of treatment typically costs £4500) and the duration (typically 18-24 months if we have to remove teeth) were worth it. Ryan is now set up for life and as long as he wears his aligners every night and tops up his tooth whitening every 6 months he will be able to smile at every occasion.

Thank You Ryan!

I cannot thank Ryan enough for not only trusting us with his treatment but also for being such a great guy. Special thanks to him for even helping us out with our Legionella testing… how nice is that?


Well, making him look even more handsome hasn’t made me that much happier but I suppose it couldn’t happen to a nicer patient.

How do I find out more about straight teeth?

If you’d like to know more about fixed braces please feel free to email us any questions you may have. You can email me directly at the dental practice in Lichfield on

If you fancy checking out how your smile could look just click this link and take advantage of our SmileView software: 


For more information on teeth straightening treatments in Lichfield get in touch with the practice on 01543 411088 or email us at to book an appointment.

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