Smile Makeovers in Lichfield


Smile Makeovers in Lichfield

smile makeover in lichfield

Smile Makeovers  in Lichfield

There are occasions when a person is not entirely happy with the appearance of their smile. Perhaps they have always been self conscious in social situations, or maybe a recent photo highlighted a gap or a visible metal filling, either way modern dentistry has the answers to almost all cosmetic problems.


We believe our job is to listen and ensure that we know the exact problem, outline various strategies that will be able to produce the desired result and then explain the potential problems as well as the costs of the treatment involved.


A Cosmetic consultation with us will accomplish all of the above with no obligation to proceed with any treatment discussed. We always act impartially and try to give a fair opinion on what is possible, even to the point of refusing to carry out treatment if we feel the treatment is not in the best interest of the client.


  • We believe in enhancing your smile, not replacing it.
  • We believe in moving your teeth into a more pleasing position rather than drilling them into place.
  • We believe in a natural smile not a white block that beams out of the mouths of the B-list celebs that populate our television screens.


Understanding Tooth Wear

Tooth wear is a dental condition where the surface and structure of teeth are progressively reduced as a result of internal and/or external forces upon them.


Excessive tooth wear causes many oral health complications, and it is important to explore the many preventative and corrective treatment options available.


Please watch the video to learn more in depth and better understand tooth wear.


Case Studies


Case Studies

cosmetic smile makeovers lichfield

We used composite restoration to achieve the appearance of a straight smile for Chelsea.

composite restoration in lichfield

We transformed Lisa’s smile with white fillings and composite bonding so she can smile with confidence.

lichfield cosmetic dentists smile makeover

We replaced the worn and chipped areas of John’s teeth with composite restorations.

smile enhancement lichfield dentist

We used composite bonding and contouring to improve the appearance of Darren’s front teeth.

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