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“I never thought a dental procedure could be such a life changing experience”

I have always been self conscious of my teeth and gums, so much so I covered my mouth with my hand when I spoke to someone or laughed.

I had quite small teeth but large gums my teeth protruded a little, so when Stuart commented that he could give me a more elegant smile, I was quite excited. He explained what he could do in great detail. I decided I had nothing to lose so went forward with the procedure.

I started by having my gums lifted which I admit wasn’t a nice feeling, no, it didn’t hurt, it was more the thought of what was being done. I looked a little worse for wear but after a couple of painkillers I was right as rain. I was amazed how quick my gums healed; Stuart was very thorough in his treatment and explained everything in great detail.

Step by step you could really see a difference and when I had my temporary front teeth in I got quite excited. Stuart explained to me that if I was unsure I must say if I didn’t like them as I needed to be totally happy before my teeth were finally fitted.

When my temporaries had been put in, I was a little upset as they looked really long, after a few adjustments they looked amazing. I could not believe how great they looked, the fact my teeth didn’t protrude out was really lovely.

For my final fitting I was quite nervous, I was worried that I might not like them, however, when Stuart handed me the mirror I actually cried. I thought I actually looked quite pretty and was shocked how much better I looked. I just regret that I hadn’t done it ten years ago.

Thank you Stuart and all of the team for your support and help.  P.s I can’t stop looking in the mirror now!!

smile makeover review in lichfield

This testimonial was kindly written by our patient Andrea. For more information on tooth repair or replacement please call 01543 411088 or email us at to book an appointment.

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