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Smile Design

Each of our smile designs is unique, just as each person is unique, and similarly what each person wants, and how they want to achieve it alters too.

Many people come to see us and ask for Invisalign, or Fixed braces, or ‘Can you just sort this one tooth?’ But improving a smile is like opening Pandora’s Box… once you resolve one issue you soon see another one. Here at Spires Dental, we take a considered view, we analyse your smile, produce a smile design and go through it with you to see if that is what you want.

Using Smile Design, you can preview how you want your smile to look, test drive it with your friends and family, and then decide how far you want to go in the pursuit of perfection. Some people just require tooth straightening and whitening, others would benefit from composite bonding, it varies from person to person.

The good news; through education, discussion, excellent execution of our skills, we can deliver the smile that you want.

Patient Stories

jane smith braces and bonding beforejane smith braces and bonding after

Braces and bonding

Using Smile Design to guide us, and a combination of braces, tooth whitening and composite bonding, we were able to restore Jane’s smile to it’s youthful best.

faye braces beforefaye braces after


Often with adult patients you need to remove the filled teeth, rather than the ideal teeth for brace treatment. Faye needed space in her lower jaw so we took out two heavily filled molar teeth and straightened and whitened her teeth.

harry braces beforeharry braces after


Harry did not like his crooked upper teeth, so we removed two upper premolar teeth and used fixed braces to align his teeth. A little composite bonding and tooth whitening and the result looks great.

luke braces beforeluke braces after


Our Award-Winning Case!! Not an easy one but this shows how amazing, fixed braces are.

rebekah invisalign beforerebekah invisalign after


Rebekah shows what Invisalign can do when you have an amazing patient who wears their aligners religiously. Throw in some whitening and minimal composite bonding and we obtained an amazing result for Rebekah.

grace composite bonding beforegrace composite bonding after

Composite Bonding

We informed Grace from the start that she would need to restore the worn front teeth once the brace treatment was complete….sometimes straightening is not enough. Some Composite Bonding put the finishing touches on a great brace result.

mike levelle composite bonding beforemike levelle composite bonding after

Composite Bonding

Tooth wear is a really common smile, and for years Mike had been grinding his front teeth down to the point that he couldn’t see them when he smiled. Careful planning, 3D Smile Design and some beautiful composite restorations restored his natural smile.

millie composite bonding beforemillie composite bonding after

Composite Bonding

A small gap, and long looking front teeth, were an issue for Millie. Thankfully some simple contouring and composite bonding restored the natural proportions to her smile.

courtney composite veneers beforecourtney composite veneers after

Composite Veneers

We all make mistakes in our youth- frequent sugar consumption, acid erosion and a bit of grinding, had ruined Courtney’s smile… Thankfully some Invisalign, Tooth whitening, Smile Design and Composite Veneers rejuvenated her smile.
matt vale dental veneers beforematt vale dental veneers after

Composite Veneers

Acid erosion and upper front teeth that were leaning backwards, emphasized the irregularity of Matt’s front teeth. He didn’t want braces so we restored the front teeth with Composite Veneers to soften the crookedness of the teeth, but leave his options open in the future for brace treatment.
william porcelain dental veneers beforewilliam porcelain dental veneers after

Porcelain Veneers

William was unhappy with the patchiness of his smile. His teeth were straight, he had tried whitening, and he still didn’t like his teeth. Using 3D smile design, minimal preparation to his front eight teeth, eight natural veneers, and we get an amazing transformation. Can you tell that they are veneers?

prep veneers beforeprep veneers after

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are NOT crowns. We do not drill your teeth to stumps. Veneers are a lifelong commitment, but they should not lead to problems with your teeth.

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