Smile Design

Okay, so you’re unhappy with your smile, maybe you have some discoloured teeth, maybe they are a little wonky, maybe they are looking a bit chipped and worn, but ultimately how do we decide what exactly needs to be improved.

A Clear Dental Plan

I am a strong believer in having a plan for each one of our patients.  Now it may be simple, ‘Prevent any health problems’, but in some cases, we are aiming for something more complex and need to have an overall plan to guide us.

Digital Dentistry With The iTero Intraoral Scanner

Stuart speaking about Digital Dentistry With The iTero Intraoral Scanner

Stuart Goddard explains how Spires Dental are using the iTero Intraoral Scanner to keep track of your teeth to keep track of any changes that happen to your teeth between check-ups and appointments.

Digital Dentistry And Looking After Our Patients

itero scanner digital dentsit in lichfield

‘I HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE AND THE FUTURE IS DIGITAL’ What is the point of dentistry?  It is clearly flawed as, given time, it will almost always fail, so what is the point? * Well, in my opinion the aim of dentistry is to identify our patients risk factors and reduce them to the point […]

Ryan’s Clear Brace Teeth Straightening Story

Ryan had been unhappy with the appearance of his smile for some time, but it was at his Mum’s wedding that things came to a head as he didn’t want to smile for the photographs. Read Ryan’s story to find out how he got the confidence to smile again…

Invisalign Brace Treatment – Options And Advantages

invisalign teeth straightening in lichfield

Nicky was unhappy with her uneven smile and issues cleaning between her teeth so she approached Spires Dental Clinic in Lichfield to see if Stuart could rectify the issues, here is Nicky’s teeth straightening story…

Welcome to Spires Dental Clinic Vlog

lichfield private dental clinic

Spires Dental Clinic in Lichfield is a private, family and cosmetic dentist offering treatments to patients in Staffordshire. Principal Dentist Stuart Goddard welcomes you to Spires Dental.

Dental Veneers – Lichfield Dentist Case Study

lichfield dental veneers review

Our client wanted to lose her denture and have her front teeth replaced with a fixed alternative. Unfortunately she was not a candidate for implants unless she had a large bone graft, and we did not want to drill her good teeth to retain a conventional bridge.