What to do in a Dental Emergency

dental emergencies in lichfield staffordshire

Our aim, as well as yours I imagine, is to need the dentist as little as possible.  Sadly, there are times when you will want to see us and those times aren’t often good ones.  This guide is a simple resume of when you do need to seek help, and when you have a bit […]

Caring For Your Babies Teeth

baby teeth dental health in lichfield staffordshire

Many people say you should take your child to see the dentist on their first birthday, at Spires we don’t think this is necessary as if you look after your children’s teeth with our easy steps, you won’t need to visit the dentist until your child is older.  We recommend bringing your child when they […]

What You Eat Plays an Important Role in Your Oral Health

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Why is a healthy diet so important for good oral health? Proper nutrition means eating a well-balanced diet so that your body can get the nutrients needed for good health and wellness. If your diet is low in the nutrients your body needs, your mouth may have a more difficult time resisting infection. This may […]

The Effect of Sugar on Your Teeth

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It will come to no surprise to you that sugar is bad for your teeth. Frequent sugar consumption can lead to poor oral health. The most common complaint when visiting the dentist is sugar related problems. Recently it has been reported by The Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons that baby […]

How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

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A survey by Public Health England has revealed that one in ten three-year-olds have tooth decay. Toddlers had an average of three teeth that were decayed, missing or filled. There are some simple steps that parents can follow to prevent this: Avoid sugary drinks and snacks – The British Nutrition Foundation advices that foods and […]

The Importance of Dental Check Ups

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The Importance of Dental Check Ups More and more people only visit the dentist when they have a problem. By having infrequent check-ups, it has meant that 31% of adults have tooth decay, 66% having visible plaque and 29% are suffering from toothache. Many of us ignore the health of our mouth and ignore problems […]

Five Tips For Better Gum Health

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Gum disease smells, tastes funny and eats away the bone around your teeth and most of the population has it.  According to the world health organization ‘Severe periodontal (gum) disease, which may result in tooth loss, is found in 15–20% of middle-aged (35-44 years) adults’. Ultimately none of us want it and it is so […]

Are You Mouth Aware?

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The number of mouth cancer patients has grown in the past ten years with more than 6,700 people diagnosed in 2015. Mouth cancer can affect the lips, tongue, cheeks and throat. At Spires Dental we think it is important people know what to look out for.   Remember To Never Ignore: Ulcers that do not […]

Getting Rid of Gum Disease

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Gum disease, or periodontists, effects about 96% of the UK population.  This is mainly due to the fact that the person who teaches us how to clean our teeth (not gums, teeth!) is our mum or dad.  Now no offence to our parents but they were taught by their parents and so on, a chain […]