Digital Dental Examinations

Ever wondered what on earth we are doing when we are doing when we examine your mouth? Well, here’s an update on our current Spires protocol.

Freedom Day Blog

freedom day blog staffordshire dentist

With Freedom Day fast approaching I can imagine that there are a lot of mixed feelings out there for all manner of people.  We have spoken to those that feel this is all a bit of an overreaction to the other extreme that people think we are coming out of lockdown too quickly

Remote Consultations

lichfield dentist online consultations

Well, it’s fair to say that pre COVID I never would have thought to chat to a patient remotely via a laptop…. but WOW, I cannot tell you how helpful and effective it is. People seem so much more relaxed and open, allowing us to really nail down what the issues are and give some great advice.

Lockdown 2.0

Well, its January and thankfully the government has not shut dentistry down this time around. Obviously, we cannot have things running the same way that they used to.  We are still taking every COVID precaution we can think of (see this blog post) and the team has started to get their COVID vaccinations ( I got my first jab on the 9th January) but we also have to be realistic on what we do.