Ryan’s Clear Brace Teeth Straightening Story

Ryan had been unhappy with the appearance of his smile for some time, but it was at his Mum’s wedding that things came to a head as he didn’t want to smile for the photographs. Read Ryan’s story to find out how he got the confidence to smile again…

Invisalign Brace Treatment – Options And Advantages

invisalign teeth straightening in lichfield

Nicky was unhappy with her uneven smile and issues cleaning between her teeth so she approached Spires Dental Clinic in Lichfield to see if Stuart could rectify the issues, here is Nicky’s teeth straightening story…

Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics in Lichfield – Patricia’s Story

radiance teeth straightening in lichfield

We are very proud of how we care for our patients and we like to shout about what we do here.  This always comes across better if we are talking about real people rather than certain treatments.  Patricia has wanted to improve her smile for some time and came to Spires Dental for orthodontic treatment. […]

The Benefits of Braces Over Veneers

braces dentist in lichfield staffordshire

I saw a lady the other day and she had noticed one of her dental veneers had chipped.  Her previous dentist had recommended that she have it replaced but I wasn’t so sure… the veneers looked very bulky to me and didn’t do her smile any justice so spending money to repair a chip didn’t […]

An Alternative to Metal Braces

invisalign teeth straightening in lichfield dentist

Are you considering braces but worried about the appearance traditional braces have? Well there is an alternative, Invisalign, a clear brace that is popular amongst patients who feel concerned about the appearance of traditional metal braces. Often, these individuals play public facing roles, in jobs where they spend most of their time in front of people.

Rolling Back the Years

smile makeover in lichfield dentist

Time goes on, you look after your teeth and gums, see a dentist regularly, and what do you end up with? Chipped, worn looking edges to your teeth Yellow teeth from years of tea and coffee Crooked teeth because teeth move throughout life Big black fillings from mistakes you made years ago Some people even […]