Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in Lichfield


Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in Lichfield

teeth whitening in lichfield

Professional Teeth Whitening in Staffordshire

It is no surprise that tooth whitening is so popular, whiter teeth look healthy, clean and youthful. Unfortunately many tooth whitening systems evolve from a gimmick rather than from science, we have no intention of using any such system.


The main features of our whitening:


  • It always works, but you decide how white you want your teeth to go.
  • It is perfectly safe. Because we use gentle whitening gels our clients suffer none of the sensitivity, or gum irritation, that some systems can cause.
  • Permanence – with some very simple maintenance you will keep your teeth gleaming.


Our whitening procedure

We custom-make whitening trays according to our specifications, which are combined with whitening gel for you to wear over your teeth. These can be worn during the day or at night. The whitening gel is clinically approved for use and the longer the gel is in contact with your teeth, the better the results. Obviously teeth re-stain over time so we recommend wearing the whitening trays for at least one night per month.


We will advise you on safe use and guidelines to achieve whiter, natural, healthy looking teeth.


When an individual is unhappy with the colour of their teeth, sometimes whitening can be used to brighten up their smile.


Please watch the video to learn more about whitening with trays, and what the process is like.

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