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The Spires Smile

You shouldn’t have to think about smiling… It shouldn’t be a reflex to put your hand over your mouth as you laugh, or talk, or ‘smile’. A smile should be an unconscious thing that you don’t have to think about.

If you are unhappy with your smile, then you need to think clearly about what you want to achieve, and what the true cost of it all is. Don’t think about the initial financial outlay, think about the long-term costs.  Don’t think about the process, think about the result. Don’t think about what’s involved now, think about what you will need to do once you’ve finished your treatment.

Here at Spires, we promise to educate, advise and inform you of the true cost of treatment, whether that be in terms of financial, time and/or the impact on your health. We can pretty much promise the result will look good, but what is the true cost?

So, if you’d like a frank conversation about your smile then please get in touch now and talk to one of our team about how we can help you.


Our Smile Design Technique Includes:

  • Multiple photos to show us how you smile now and how your new smile will be framed.
  • A preview of what your smile could look like.
  • A mock-up of your mouth to show you, and any friends and family, what your smile will look and feel like.
  • An ongoing conversation about the costs, risks and ongoing maintenance that will be required to achieve any given change.


At the end of the process, you will know which options are open to you, how much it will cost and how things will look.

Book a FREE smile consultation now with one of our team to find out about your smile.

The Smile Designers

In our hands smile design is a tool to help the patient choose the right path for them.  It is not a means of selling dentistry but offering the right path for the right patient.

We do not believe that everyone’s smile should look the same, or that it should look artificial. The right path may be perfection, or at least the pursuit of perfection.  It might be a tweak.  But with smile design we can show you how things could look without a commitment to treatment.

Patient Stories

chris mock ups beforechris mock ups after

Mock Ups

Chris is getting married soon and he really wants his teeth to show on those all-important wedding photos. The problem is Chri’s bite, he would need braces for 18 months to correct his bite to allow us to improve his smile. How does he know if it’ll be worth it? A 3D mock up gives him an idea of what his new smile could look like….
mary beck mock up beforemary beck mock up after

Mock Ups

Mary didn’t like her small ‘peg’ lateral incisors and wanted them building up, but we also noticed the front two teeth that were leaning back, and we were concerned that Mary would notice these too once the initial problem was resolved. A 3D mock up revealed what could be achieved if all four front teeth were treated.
mike mock up beforemike mock up after

Mock Ups

Mike’s teeth were worn down. 3 young children + pushing on 50 + a nocturnal grinding habit will do that to you. BUT is it worth doing anything? These FULL smiling photos show how his smile could look once we placed a 3D mock up to simulate building up his teeth.

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