White Fillings – Lichfield Dentist Case Study

Decayed Tooth

Decayed tooth If you have sugar too often you’re teeth will decay. This happens more often around fillings than natural teeth. This filling has decay around it and following discussion with the patient we decided to replace the metal filling and decay with a composite restoration. Composite restorations restore the appearance and reinforce the remaining tooth structure.

The tooth was restored in one visit and cost £234.

dental white fillings in lichfield after white fillings in lichfield

Broken, filled tooth

Removing decay weakens teeth and all too often we are asked to repair a tooth that has fractured after being filled in the past. In this case we placed a composite restoration to restore the tooth’s appearance and to bond the remaining tooth structure together to increase its ability to withstand further fractures.

The tooth was restored in one visit and cost £336.

before white dental fillings after white composite fillings lichfield

Failing white filling

Sadly white fillings of the past did not display the wear characteristics of current materials. This means that they wore down over time and eventually fractured. This filling had cracked and decay was starting to leak around the filling. We replaced the filling with a modern composite restoration in one visit.

Time taken 50 minutes, cost £132.

dental composite fillings in lichfield

For more information on restoring your teeth with white dental composite fillings please call 01543 411088 or email us at  enquiries@spiresdental.co.uk to book an appointment.

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