Invisalign in Lichfield


Invisalign® is undoubtedly the brand leader in the field of aligners and their constant pursuit of improvement ensures they maintain their lead over their competitors.

Clear aligners, custom-made for you, are worn religiously to gradually move your teeth into the best position. They are ideal for minor to moderate problems.

What to Expect


You will be given a series of aligners to wear for 22 hours a day.  You take them out for cleaning and eating, but otherwise, you wear them all the time.


People love them as the journey is so much gentler when compared to fixed braces- there is far less rubbing and soreness, there are no breakages to speak of and the appearance of the aligners is very subtle.  

You tend to require fewer practice visits as Invisalign®’s remote monitoring allows Stuart to keep an eye on your progress from the comfort of your own home.

The Commitment

The things people do not like revolve around the commitment with Invisalign® – the emphasis is on the patient to ensure they wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, if they don’t the treatment will not proceed as planned.

Some people, those who tend to snack and drink a lot throughout the day, tend to be better suited to fixed braces.  Aligners have to be removed every time you eat or drink and this can become a drag over time.


Invisalign® needs to be paid for in advance, but we offer 24 months 0% finance for all Invisalign® treatments.

Patient Stories

rebekah invisalign beforerebekah invisalign after


Rebekah shows what Invisalign can do when you have an amazing patient who wears their aligners religiously. Throw in some whitening and minimal composite bonding and we obtained an amazing result for Rebekah.